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Established as a partnership between private sector innovators and the NHS, the driver behind the formation of SamplePod was to transform the way in which specimen tubes are transported and traced between primary care, hospitals, and the pathology laboratory.

A partnership to drive fast, productive innovation

SamplePod began its life as an innovation within Quality Hospital Solutions. As both the scale and pace of the solution developed, the innovation was spun out into its own home, SamplePod Limited. SamplePod is fully compliant with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR 2017) and UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B regulations.

Daily challenges

Daily challenges often affect our ability to be productive, yet push us to think of new ways of achieving old tasks. It is curious minds that solve these problems and inventor and co-founder of SamplePod, Andy Turner, has such a mind.


As an NHS innovation house, an unplanned meeting between Andy and a Pathology Service Manager within an NHS Trust, was the start of the conversation. The questions were asked: How can pathology services better manage the transport of samples without so much cost, waste, inefficiencies, and environmental impact? Eleven days later, Andy had the answer. SamplePod.


From that initial handmade prototype, a full three years of innovation, electronic and mechanical design refinement, tooling changes, re-spins and multiple trials, SamplePod launched. We would welcome the opportunity to tell you all about it.


Find out how SamplePod can save you time and money

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