Safely encapsulate all standard sample sizes within a single space

Waste from ‘single use’ plastic and other transport methods has proven both expensive and inefficient within pathology. Tons of clinical waste per year are disposed of, whilst thousands of irretrievable labour hours are expended decanting and unpacking samples within the lab. SamplePod removes it all.

Hold up to 52 unique samples across multiple size combinations

The grid system makes it easy for GP and primary care staff to quickly place the samples within the tray, with minimum effort to create grip. Sample apertures have been specifically engineered to create grip, even where slight variances in manufacture size of the collection tubes exists.

Durable and Secure

A TPE over mould sits within a rigid polypropylene substrate, meaning the samples are cushioned on the inside whilst being protected by a hardened outer shell. Each individual sample aperture has fine veins formed within it to offer additional grip to the sample. These veins also maximize controlled surface impact to reduce potential damage to the label itself.

The grip within each aperture allows for human decanting within the laboratory yet has also been designed to allow for robotic picking directly from the tray, driving further efficiency and productivity into the pathology process. 

Protect the samples in a compact, yet robust fashion

The pod itself is a UN3373 compliant transport unit, while the lid contains a specifically designed compartment for the storage and transport of swabs. Primary care staff simply push the swabs into the clip area, which flexes outward for entry. When the swabs are removed at the laboratory, the one of the clips is flexed outwards and the swabs are easily removed.

Protect the samples in a compact, yet robust fashion

Tough and sturdy

The base and the lid have mouldings to each corner allowing you to stack the base on top of the lid during ‘bagged’ transport. Tough, double clamp clips to each side of the SamplePod, firmly seal the lid to the base, creating a watertight compartment.

Tough and sturdy

The parent RFID tag is housed within a protective label, which sits in a dedicated recess in the centre of the base unit floor offering not only protection and extended life, but also easy swap-out of the tag when required.


Find out how SamplePod can save you time and money

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